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Marcia Stein, PHR
President, Stein Consulting, Inc.
Cupertino, CA

There is additional information on my business website and my book website.


I am Human Resources professional helping corporations by defining Human Resources needs, recommending solutions, and implementing new plans. Good customer relationships are crucial and I have fostered excellent relationships at every company through managed expectations and honest work ethics. I have a sense of humor and enjoy having fun at work and making training, HR and business a little more relaxed and enjoyable.

Author: Strained Relations: Help for Struggling Parents of Troubled Teens Information about the book can be found on my book website and my blog. ISBN-13: 978-0979841125

Recruiters on Recruiting is a vocational guide exploring what different types of recruiters do, how they got into the field, and their tips for job seekers and new recruiters. Information about the book can be found on my book website. ISBN-13: 978-0979841101

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Preventing Sexual Harassment Trainer: I deliver in-person workshops, webinars and etraining to comply with California's AB 1825 mandated Sexual Harassment Training.

Contract Recruiter and Interim Staffing Manager: I have managed and executed all aspects of strategic and tactical recruitment efforts.

Human Resources: My generalist experience includes tactical and strategic activities for small companies including creation of policies and procedures, compliance and benefits evaluations.

Professional Speaking: I create and deliver presentations and talks to companies and organizations and have served as a panel moderator.

BS Virginia Commonwealth University
2005 recipient of the Partners in HR Innovation Award

Bill Cox, Husband and Webmaster

Bill Cox troubleshoots the website and keeps me on track in my own designs. He isn't a webmaster by trade; Bill works at Teledyne Cougar as the Director Engineering, Component Engineering. He formerly worked at Avnet as the Technical Director or Hi-Rel and Hybrids. He was the Director of Tag Engineering at WhereNet and worked as the Director of Engineering, Business Line Cellular Americas at Philips Semiconductor. He earned his BSEE from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and his MSEE from Santa Clara University. Bill also studied Systems Administration at Santa Cruz Extension. This helped at California Eastern Laboratories - he was working as the Engineering Design Manager and had responsibility for maintaining the design center systems and network. He enjoys books about programming and design, business, management and investing, and has been skydiving and bicycling for several years.

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