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Payroll, Pay, Salary, Cost of Living:

Benefit News
Benefits Link
Data Master's Computer Industry Salary Survey
Employee Benefit Research Institute
Foundation for Enterprise Development
Homestore Salary Calculator
JobStar--Computer & Engineering Salary Surveys
JobSmart Salary Guides
Salary Calculator
WageAccess Compensation Survey
Workplace Savings Homepage - Fidelity Investments


Various HR and Business Websites:

Americans with Disabilities Act Document Center
Better Workplace Now
Business Owner's Toolkit
Career Overview - Career, Job and Employment Information
Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. - outplacement
Diagnosing Workplace Problems
Diversity Directory
Diversity Inc. - lists of Silicon Valley HR orgs. and events
Free Management Library
HR Direct - HR Forms
HR World
Human Resources Management
Job Descriptions (basic)
Job Stress Page
Kiersey Information and link to Temperament Sorter
Non-Profit Risk Management Center - Criminal History Record Checks Info.
Performance Review
Salary Expert
Salary Information and Job Descriptions
Silicon Valley Technical Employment Agencies
The Contract Employee's Handbook
The Human Resource Professional's Gateway to the Internet
The Riley Guide
UniXL - HR Outsourcing - information and links
Virtual Relocation - Monster Moving
Wall Street Journal Careers Information
What Color is your Parachute: The Net Guide
Xtreme Recruiting

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