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What are the differences between “Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources,” “Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources…and Friends” and the Community Groups?
Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources includes women working in Human Resources and affiliated fields.  Our members represent all specialties: Staffing, Compensation, Training, Employee Relations, etc. We're at every level of the organization, from Vice Presidents through Administrators. Women working at recruitment firms are also welcome to join.
The "Friends" group includes other professional women in the Silicon Valley. The "Community" group offers a few events each year for the general community.

How many people are in the group? How many attend the events?
We have over 1,500 women on our mailing list Attendance at our events ranges from 30-80 women, depending on the topic.

How much does it cost to join “Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources”?
Nothing! Joining "Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources ... and Friends" is absolutely free! There is no fee for using our bulletin board, and all professionals in the community are invited to view and post on this website.

Are there any group discounts?
Our members qualified for discounted rates at the 2002 through 2009 HR Symposium and several other discounts, most of which are listed on our homepage.

I live about an hour away. Is membership limited to the Silicon Valley?
You're welcome to come if you can get to the events. We have people driving anywhere from Soquel to Berkeley and beyond. We also have people who are content to be on the mailing list.

I have an idea for a dinner/networking event. How do I share my idea?
Please submit your idea to Marcia Stein at  Our volunteers plan the events in January, and suggestions made after that meeting are held for the next planning meeting the following January.

How do I get elected to the organizing committee/board?
There are no elections, simply volunteer. You can let us know you are interested in joining the organizing committee/board by responding to our year-end announcement.

How will I learn about events?
About a week before the scheduled event, an email is sent to our members. We also provide a link from the main page on the website.  We use RSVP's so we know how many chairs are needed and if information is distributed, we have to know how much to copy.

I want to unsubscribe from “Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources” and maybe re-subscribe at a later date. How do I unsubscribe?
Unsubscribing is easy. Reply to our email with "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the subject line. You are still welcome to use the website and the bulletin board.

Who else does “Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources” share my contact information with?
No one! We do not sell or distribute the email addresses of our members with any outside organizations.

My email address has changed since I first registered with “Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources”. How do I update my email address?
Please email and include your last and new email addresses.

I found a broken link on the “Silicon Valley Women in Human Resources” website. Who do I tell?
Please email

I’d like to recommend a link to be added to the website. Who do I tell?
Please email Please keep in mind I am a volunteer and your suggestion may take some time to upload. I do not accept all suggestions.

Is there a fee to attend events?
We find donated space and have the events at no cost to our community. There may occasionally be a small fee and this will be noted on the invitation.

Why do I have to register for both the Bulletin Board and the group? Why can’t I just register once?
The software used for these two items was implemented separately. The bulletin board is maintained separately and the program used to register for the networking events was developed separately.

I’m a cat. Can I join also?
There is a separate networking group run by Catbert. (This was put here just to check if you were paying attention.)

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